Monday, December 8, 2008

21st Century Curriculum and Assessment

In this article, the author explores the NCTE's new literacy framework. The increasing technology spreading across our country in education is a new aspect that needs to be dealt with. Identifying the literacy goals as:
• Developing proficiency with the tools of technology
• Building relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and
• Designing and sharing information for global communities to meet a variety of
• Managing, analyzing, and synthesizing multiple streams of simultaneous
• Creating, critiquing, analyzing, and evaluating multimedia texts
• Attending to the ethical responsibilities required by these complex environments
These will be incorporating into the NCTE's standards. I think the development is necessary. Technology is a big part of society today and it's incorporation in schools is essential. Rules and regulations must be set to aid the practices of using technology in the schools. Following drawn out rules to make sure each student is being productive in their usage and being able to find reliable and relevant sources.

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