Friday, December 5, 2008

"Colorado Dropouts Establish Patterns Early On"

This article was focused on middle schoolers. There was a study done in five district schools in colorado about dropouts. If a student fails one math or reading course they are more prone to dropout of high school. School officials look at behavior records, grades and attendance as far back as Middle School. You could be held back as young as eleven years old.


Alyssa said...

I think it is really interesting that students are more likely to drop out from failing just one course. This goes to show why it is so important for teachers to work with their students and find out what works for them. If teachers are able to help students the best they can, students are likely to stay interested in school and do better. This will decrease the drop out rate. This could also improve behavior in schools. I also think it is important for parents to become involved in their child's education. If parents are aware of what is going on in school and take an active part of what is going on, students can get more encouragement and support, which can help them to feel more confident about their learning. Together, parents and teachers can help students become engaged and interested in learning. They can also help students feel like they are not alone if they do not understand something or need help.

Ian Carney said...

One of the recent pushes in childhood development is teaching how to cope with failure. In my HED 310 class, my professor introduced us to a book called "the secret" which was designed for children. It said that the secret to success was to learn how to cope with failure. This really applies here because I think if these kids were taught that it's ok to be held back, they wouldn't drop out of high school later on. In the long run, nobody cares if you were held back a grade. As long as you get a diploma in the end, it doesn't matter.