Thursday, December 4, 2008

Writing Skills Are Life Skills

I think that making writing fun for students is very important because it allows them to be creative. Giving them options for writing also allows them to have more of an open mind to what they would like to write. Parents play a big roll in how productive their children can be. Giving them the tools to succeed in becoming a better writer can assure them that they have support they need in order to accomplish many things in writing.

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Fred Merritt said...

I have to agree, making writing fun for the students not only gets them to be more creative, but more importantly gets them to write more. This in turn will help them become better writers, because as we all know practice makes perfect. I also agree that it is not just the responsibility of the teacher to make writing fun. The parents should have an active role in guiding the students to write more and make it fun. I am not saying they should have them write stuff. What I mean is the simple action of reading what the student wrote and talking them about it. Being interested in their work. I think this will greatly effect their writing for the better.